A new and better way to manage your business contacts.

why cardinbox?

It's a hub for your business contacts

Search for people you want to contact, connect with them on Cardinbox, exchange contact information with them via our platform.

Scan all the business cards you collect, convert them into contacts and export to your phone book.

Take intuitive actions with the contacts you collect, build relationships and have regular interactions with your network.

It helps you to connect the dots

You share your contact information with people you meet, or add them to your contacts on-the-fly, but how many do you remember?

With Cardinbox, you can add context to the contact information by capturing location and date of exchange.

Remember when, where and how you met the person or how you were introduced to them.

It keeps you updated on your contacts

How many business cards in your folder are still valid? How do you find their new details? How do you tell everyone in your network that you've changed your phone or email?

Contact information keeps changing, but informing everyone is a long process.

Cardinbox notifies you when your connection changes their contact information, and lets you seamlessly announce your information changes to your network.

Key features

Create your profile & digital business card

Add your work information, digitise your business card to share with people instantly, have control on who gets access to your information.

Streamline your business contacts

Store all your business contacts in one place, access and use them from multiple devices. Interact with your contacts, or export your collection as a CSV speadsheet.

Scan your business card stack

Scan business cards using OCR and capture the information on the cards with high accuracy. Convert paper cards into digital contacts and stay in touch.