Make your business cards work for you


Always have your business card
Be prepared to share your information and generate business in any setting


Manage all your business cards
Capture, store and use the information on your card stack instantly


Create lifelong connections
Use digital business cards to convert formal introductions into connections for business

Change the way you interact with business cards


Share your cards anywhere, anytime, no more printing and carrying cards


Store all your cards in one place, use the information directly from the cards, search for the right cards instantly


Scan and capture the information on your business cards accurately, save and export the contact information for work


Connect with people important for work and stay updated when their business information changes

When Cardinbox works best

Business Meetings
Exchange cards without having to carry them. Save the business cards you receive in your inbox

Events & Networking
Share your card unlimited times, never miss out on an opportunity to network. Scan and save all the cards you receive into your database

Social Encounters
Maximum introductions happen outside work. Be prepared to network and share your card in any setting

We're 'Suite-ing Up'

We're currently developing Cardinbox for Teams & Enterprises. To be a part of the Beta Program, sign up to receive an invite.

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