Cardinbox is a cloud based solution to simplify management & enrichment of contacts for your business

Enhance ROI of contacts collected for business

Every organization and individual has different ways of collecting and using contact information for business, which requires a continuous effort to capture, aggregate and update the contact information. This might hamper Sales and Marketing campaigns if the contact information is not standardised, complete and accurate. Cardinbox seamlessly becomes a part of your organisation’s sales & marketing process to help you collect, enhance and utilize contact information to achieve desired results.

Collect business contacts seamlessly

Manually collecting and entering contact information from multiple sources can become a mundane activity on a daily basis and take up lots of productive time. Time that could be better spent on growing your business, especially when you have targets to meet. Cardinbox helps your team, better utilise their time and skills by enabling seamless collection, aggregation and value-added storage of contact information.

  • Scan business cards with 98% accuracy
  • Find and add contacts directly from the Cardinbox community
  • Create contacts from email signatures
  • Import from contact books
  • Import CSV files
  • Collection through integrations with digital platforms

Enhance contact information automatically

Incomplete, inaccurate and non-standardized contacts impact your reach effectiveness and reduces overall productivity. This may cause loss in business opportunities that can never be measured. Your team may be compelled to utilize their time in tedious activities of organizing, verifying and correcting contact information. Cardinbox platform enhances your contact information by automatically

  • Adding missing contact details
  • Verifying & validating contact details
  • Standardizing the format of raw contact information
  • De-duplicate and clean up contacts
  • Updating new information when available

Utilise contacts productively

Every individual organises and uses contacts in different tools, which hampers the accessibility and limits the usability of contact information. Our applications and integrations, enable your team members to use their contacts in one place and gather insights around contacts to improve productivity and efficiency.

  • Cloud storage - access contacts on any device, anytime
  • Add notes, tags and categories to build context for future reference
  • Initiate call, text, WhatsApp, email from the app
  • Book an Uber, view address in maps
  • Export business cards and contacts as CSV
  • Contextual powerful search by name, company, job role, location etc.
  • Collaboration with teams with a shared contact information store
  • Automate communication with collected contacts
  • Activity history to know about all the previous interactions

Create a real-time flow of contacts via Integrations and Connectors

Every organisation has unique needs related to contact management for sales and marketing. Adopting a new technology to streamline the sales process can be complex, and tedious to follow. Cardinbox identifies these needs and provides organization-wide implementations to deeply integrate into existing systems, with a contact management and enrichment solution which will enhance your sales and marketing process.

  • Automate contact information entry and updating in CRM systems
  • Auto-feed updated contact information to SMS/Email marketing campaigns
  • Sync and have contacts appear in productivity tools
  • Share contacts with colleagues via collaboration tools
  • Custom integrations into existing systems

Packages & Pricing

Premium Edition

Get a single, complete and updated view of your contacts to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing and sales process.


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Premium Plus Edition

Get everything that Premium Edition offers with seamless integrations into your CRM systems for better utilisation of your business contacts and to improve your sales process.

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About Us

Cardinbox technologies is a young organisation providing comprehensive solutions for managing and enriching business contacts. Our aim is to make contact management for your business seamless, efficient & effective by making the platform easy to use & omnipresent. Our purpose is to enhance the ROI on business contacts, by converting raw contact information into actionable information.

Our Team

Cardinbox products are brewed with the expertise of technology & deep understanding of your individual needs, team objectives and enterprise wide requirements.

Nachiket Parab

Co-Founder & CEO Head - Product, Technology, Design

Over his 8 years of IT industry experience, Nachiket Parab developed & sold his final year graduation project, has been a Co-Founder at Thought Process Consultancy & technology developer with Pi Techniques. He holds a degree in B.Sc. Information Technology, and is a programmer at heart who understands and envisions the functionality and future of technology. This allows him to successfully create and manage technology products that solve problems at both micro and macro levels.

Rishabh Nag

Co-Founder & Business Head Head - Marketing & Business Development

Rishabh has a diverse background of finance, sales and marketing over the past 9 years. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Banking & Insurance & obtained a MMS degree, specialized in marketing. He has been a part of Client Acquisition at Kotak Wealth Management, and was a part of the marketing team at Shining Consulting. He is passionate about solving real problems creatively, and believes that creating value and delight for the customer is of utmost importance for a product or service.

Our Advisors

Ranjeet Pawar

CEO - Hoot360

Geet Lulla

Managing Director - Gracenote

Rohit Agharkar

Corporate Audit & Assurance
Godrej Consumer Product