A new meaning
to the concept of
Business Cards
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What is Cardinbox

Cardinbox is a digital platform for your business card.

It provides you a streamlined experience while managing and exchanging your business card. We bring you this experience via our smartphone apps.

So instead of carrying a stack of your cards, simply install our app and start using our platform to exchange the digitized version of your card.

A glimpse of Cardinbox

a sneek peak at a few problems we are aiming to solve with our platform.

Never run out of your cards

We ensure that your business card is always 'Available' at your service via your smart device. You can exchange it a million times and then some more.

Let distances never trouble you

By making use of a wide choice of technologies that we offer, you can virtually exchange your business card with any user in the world.

'No' to the unknown

Your business card tells a lot about you !
An approval process makes sure that you determine who is entitled to be connected with you.

Keep Informed, Be Informed

Do not worry about changes in your business card. Our real-time update mechanism makes sure that all your connections are notified about your update.

And More

We are listening to your problems. The more you have, the harder we work to solve them. So stay tuned to find out more.